The Alexander Technique

Frederic Matthias Alexander was a Shakespearean orator at a young age. During his career he developed chronic hoarseness and loss of voice causing him to pause his acting career. After consulting with voice experts and physicians, they found no medical conditions. Through extensive self-investigation Alexander began to realize that when he spoke his head pulled back and down and this pattern constricted his body. He discovered by setting his intention and directing his neck to be free, his head gently moved upward without stiffening or tightening. This new orientation sends a message through the entire body to expand and lift – it activates the hip joints, the torso lifts, the legs move away to allow the feet to rest on the ground, creating balance.

Thus the Alexander Technique was born. F. M. Alexander published a book in 1932, “The Use of the Self” outlining his discoveries. The Alexander Technique helps to release habits of thought and movement causing stress, poor posture, tension, or injury using gentle visuals and directions. Often sitting, standing, driving, running and walking are common actions where bad movement patterns are created. Through this neuromuscular re-education, you begin to recognize, redefine and stop the habits that are degenerating your body, balance and strength. This enables you to experience new ways of movement that are more comfortable and effortless in your daily life, bringing about physical and emotional  vitality and peace.

For extensive research, resources and endorsements from medical doctors on the Alexander Technique visit – https://www.alexandertechnique.com/research

“You translate everything‒whether physical, mental, or spiritual into muscular tension. The things that don’t exist are the most difficult to get rid of.” -F.M. Alexander


Balwin Ratra

Alexander Technique Teacher

Balwin Ratra has studied at the American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York City and the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles, completing over 1000 hours of supervised training. His studies involved the readings of F.M. Alexander, anatomy, kinesthetic systems and balance. The training involved using the principles and practicing one on one with teachers and other students. He has been teaching the technique and giving his clients a better quality of life for over 5 years in NYC and LA. Currently, he trains under the highly acclaimed Giora Pinkas who is regarded as Alexander Technique’s most senior trainer in the United States. By studying with a trained teacher, you can better understand the unconscious ways you move, think and carry yourself, and how they directly influence the way you feel and act.

Alexander Technique can be used to treat a variety of pain and conditions:
  • Head Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Bad Posture
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Injuries
  • Anxiety, Stress & Trauma
  • Lack of Balance & Coordination

What clients Say

Loved working with Balwin to learn the Alexander Technique. Balwin was very gentle as and guided me through all the movements professionally. He's an expert teacher and I'm glad he's here teaching this healing technique.

Sarah Grace

Alexander Technique has changed my life. I use to have commonly get a stiff back and neck. My sciatica would often flare up. Yoga, massage and stretching are great but they never corrected the root of my daily habits of how I sit, walk, carry bags and even how I lay on the couch. These simple things were causing all the discomfort in my body and just bringing attention to simple movements has made a huge impact over time.

Mehdi Khan

Balwin is very educated and has an extensive background in practicing the Alexander Technique. It shows from the first session. Rewiring your habits is a tough task as you age but Balwin is a great teacher and motivator. His sessions are highly recommended and very affordable compared to other teachers in California.

Sam Cohen

I'm a swimmer and I have a desk job which has caused a lot of misalignment in my upper back and hips over the years. Using the Alexander Technique I have been able to start to tackle my discomforts in my legs and neck and it has made a great difference in just a few sessions. Give this technique a try!

Julie Kim

This technique isn't just about healing. It's about coming home to your natural state and body alignment. And it feels amazing. You will learn how the slightest change in movement and even just laying or sitting still in the slightest can change everything in how your feel and the energy you have. The outdoor sessions during the Summer and Fall are real soothing.

James Walsh

Love working with Balwin to practice the Alexander Technique. I had been looking for a teacher for years after learning about this technique in Los Angeles and Balwin was a great fit. I have been taking his session now for almost year. The sessions really help me relax and sleep better. Balwin is very kind, professional and knowledgeable.

Kate Bailey