Destination Method Coach incorporating Spirituality & NLP/Hypnosis Coaching

The Destination Method of Coaching is a transpersonal strategy that helps produce physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results in service of the client’s goals. Working with issues such as: Stress, Worry, Fear, Unhappiness, Self-Criticism, Pain, Confusion, Fatigue, Addiction, Over Eating, Limiting Beliefs, Codependency, Jealousy, Anger, and more. The Destination Method holds that the cause of unnecessary suffering is ignorance of the purpose of one’s conscious and unconscious minds. So the solution is awareness through education.

The Destination Method holds that people are empowered to arrive at their destination when they learn how to literally change their thinking in a climate of kindness and mercy. The Coach simply teaches each client skills to notice and change limiting actions, thoughts, and beliefs, thereby removing roadblocks to achievement and spiritual growth.

Balwin Ratra

Balwin Ratra is currently a Senior Telos Destination Method Coach incorporating Spirituality and NLP/Hypnosis. He is the youngest Hypnotist at the age of 16 from the NGH Guild of Hypnotism. He is a Certified Coach under Circling Europe. Balwin also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Over the past 5 years, Balwin has coached countless clients in the areas of mental, physical and spiritual health. His mission is to heal and be healed.

What clients Say

With Balwin, I was able to reconnect with my younger self, reassuring that child that better ideas and instincts were within reach. Throughout the session, I discovered the ability to teach my inner self that fear is not an insurmountable obstacle. Balwin's unique approach involved seeking a profound sense of empowerment, creativity and freedom.

Hassan Khan

I reached out to Balwin about a month ago during a tough time and I wasn't entirely sure what I was seeking, but his reputation and experience drew me in. What struck me was his calm and consistent demeanor, making it easier to open up during a period of my life when everything else felt uncertain. I found myself embracing a guided hypnosis session and strangely the weight of life's troubles felt lighter.

John McCale